What’s a coach?

So many people out there call themselves coaches nowadays…

I know. I don’t really like the word “coach” because it’s such an abused word these days.

Anybody can call themselves a coach and start “coaching” clients, neither experience nor qualifications required. And because there’s too many “coaches” out there doing everything from skill training, teaching, mentoring, consulting, counselling and pure manage the word “coach” has a negative connotation in some circles.

Definition by International Coach Federation  “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

A successful coaching relationship is very much about personal chemistry. There are great coaches without any certifications and there are certified coaches that are lousy.

To significantly increase your chances of benefitting from a coaching relationship look for a coach that has professional training that qualifies him or her for ICF accreditation.

A coach is a master of the process and is focused on the here and now.

We will talk about the past if it’s important for moving you forward in the now. If you need to untangle complex childhood issues before you can move forward you may be better off seeing a counsellor than a coach.

ICF is the largest professional coach association in the world and sets the de facto standard for coaching ethics, methodology and education in coaching.

What do you mean by holistic coaching?

I mean that you can’t compartmentalise the different aspects of life.

The common distinction between “Executive coaching” versus “Life coaching” doesn’t work for me.

“Executive coaching” is a market positioning statement, not a different way of coaching than “life coaching”.

You can’t do coaching without involving life. And executives has lives too.

In executive coaching we direct our attention to professional performance but very often the root cause of the issues we uncover are insecurities around the how to tackle life. I’ll work with you on the root cause, not just the symptom.

Anyhow, whether it’s coaching for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, mothers, athletes or others I strongly believe that a holistic approach to life is absolutely necessary. Work can be a wonderful channel to expression the true you but it’s still just work. It’s a means to achieve what your truly desire.

This is important to me.

I believe leadership starts within.

You must first learn to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. The thing is, many of the executives I’ve worked with are thrown into a leadership position askes to lead towards a company purpose before they’ve had a chance to reflect on their own purpose.

Sometimes it works out. Often it doesn’t.

Because leadership is about trust.

Sure, you can lead with your title and people may do what you want but that’s a charade. And charades are short orchestrated intermezzos.

True leaders are followed.

others is all about relationships. The trust you as a leader build with

If you work with me we’ll first articulate what you truly desire and

Daniel Goleman in Primal Leadership “Real leadership development starts from a much broader place than “career planning”: it begins with an holistic vision of one’s life, in all its richness.”

Why should I listen to you?

You shouldn’t. You should dare to listen to yourself.

Not just the noise in your conscious mind that’s always busy planning, doing and dreaming but listen to your subconscious mind to allow the answers to come forward.

I believe that you already have many of the answers inside you if you only take the time to reflect  and dare to explore.

That’s actually the main reason executives hire a coach, to have a fixed point in the busy schedule when they can take a step back, reflect and explore the underlying layers of their busy minds.

I’m here if you want assistance on your inner journey of exploration.

How many sessions do I need?

We’ll talk about that in the first session. What works for you is the number of sessions you need.

I don’t go into a coaching relationship without a client’s intention of at least 3 sessions but I will not hold you to long contracts either.

Some of my clients experience a break-through after 3 sessions and feel ready to move on by themselves.
Other clients stay with me for 6-10 sessions. Some  longer

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