What value did you get from this?

This exercise has had profound impact on my inner journey. I started with an exercise similar to what you’ve just gone through and then I worked it through again with my coach to challenge myself, test my ranking and articulation of my top 5 values. I then made my own little Core Value Card that I always carry with me. Specifically, referring to my core values has helped me to make both small and big decisions.

My core values

  • Small decisions such as sticking to my diet and exercise plans and honour my 1st value – Well-being
  • Big decisions, most often related to stepping out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges to honour my 3nd value – Courage: To trust myself in the moment.
  • Being more conscious of and honouring my 3rd value – Authenticity – has had profound impact on my general feeling of fulfilment and happiness. From the small decisions I’m faced with on a daily basis to some very big decisions impacting the people around me.  Taking a moment of reflection on Authenticity as helped me make more grounded decisions.

My 5th core value is Contribution and I’m a strong believer in and practitioner of Paying Forward.  Creating this e-book is one of my contributions to pay forward some of the things that I’ve learned on my inner journey.

Inspire and be inspired!

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