Happiness is available here and now!

3 simple steps to happinessA lot of people, including coaches and gurus, talk about the pursuit of happiness.

The word pursuit makes it sound like a future magical place.

Like the end of the rainbow.

This idea of happiness is devastating because it’s an escape from the only thing you have available for certain – here and now.

It is the very pursuit of happiness
that thwarts happiness. Victor Frankl

There’s plenty of research to support the idea that extraordinary events such as winning the lottery, meeting the partner of your dreams, or buying that big villa with a swimming pool do not have any long term impact on your level of happiness.

Sure, there’s a temporary boost but after a few weeks or months your level of happiness goes back down to the same level as before the extraordinary event.

Therefore I don’t like the concept of pursuing happiness.

It’s about creating happiness.

3 simple steps to happiness

Scientifically proven to have long-term impact on your happiness

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3 simple steps to happiness

Your happiness is up to you!

Sonja LyubomirskyAccording to research by Professor of Psychology Sonja Lyubomirsky 50% of happiness is genetic, 10% down to circumstance and 40% is a result of your intentional activities. 

But just telling you to pursue happiness is not a very helpful advise. Happiness comes in many flavors and what may seem to be the road to happiness may actually just undermine your long-term feeling of happiness.

You can approach the pursuit of happiness from to perspectives:

  • Self-centered view where you’re focused on taking.
  • Outward-centered view where you’re focused on giving.

And guess what?

Pursuing happiness by takingIf you take the self-centered view you may have more instant gratification but it’s like crossing a row of skateboard ramps, there are no ascending plateaus and you’ll quickly slide back down again.

I’m sure you recognize this.

How long did the happiness of your latest purchase last?
Pursuing happiness by giving!A week? Then your new car, handbag, TV, …  lost it’s magic and you’re shopping for a new thrill for a quick but temporary boost of happiness.

If you instead pursue happiness from a perspective of a “what can I give?” you’ll over time take your happiness to a higher and sustainable level. Much like a staircase, it’s a bit of work to step up but each step is a solid plateau and there’s little risk of sliding back down if you stick to your routine.

The research into happiness is clear: Focusing on changing the circumstances of your life will not do much for your long-term level of happiness.

We also know that you are what you repeatedly do so happiness is then a result of habit.

The Habit of Happiness

By focusing on four key areas of your life to create happiness you can proactively evolve the 40% and enjoy the present moment instead of chasing happy events.

The four pillars of happiness
Habit of Happiness model– Meaningful Pursuits
– Meaningful Actions
– Meaningful Relationships
– Meaningful Rejuvenation

It’s only you who can make yourself happy and it’s also you that hold you back so a fundament for developing solid pillars is the continual exploration and enhancement of your beliefs about yourself and the world.

Finally, when you’ve done the work and crafted your four pillars of happiness and started on the journey of harnessing the power of your mind it’s all about establishing daily habits and holding yourself accountable.

To give you a little kick in the right direction I have written a short book with three simple activities that are proven to have long-term impact on your happiness.

3 simple steps to happiness

Scientifically proven to have long-term impact on your happiness

Where shall I send your copy?

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3 simple steps to happiness