What some call “news” report a pretty distressful view of the world. It’s about wars, violence, famine and climate change. Then it’s all sprinkled with the message that you’re not good enough – you should be richer and more beautiful because that’s become the definition of success.

Fear and the feeling of inferiority is a lethal mix – in global politics and within the local community. What’s going on the in the world today is fueled by this vicious circle of fear, inferiority, ignorance and isolation.

The thing is that deep down nobody wants this. People want to be safe, belong, love, laugh and hand over a better world to their children.

It takes courage to live in a spirit of inclusion and sustainability when the rest of the world seem to be based on exclusion and scarcity.

That courage can only come from within, by getting to know yourself and choose to live true to yourself. I thrive in these conversations.

I believe I can help nudge the world towards inclusive and sustainable development.

One conversation at a time.