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Purpose - Workbook to explore and share your unique gift with the world

Two characteristics stand out above the rest among happy people (1) they have strong relationships, and, (2) they are making incremental progress towards something deeply meaningful.
What is deeply meaningful to you? What makes your come alive and lose sense of time and place? What is your unique gift waiting to be shared with the world?
This 60+ page full color e-book contains all you need to uncover your purpose, articulate your meaningful ideal and share your unique gift with the world - my purpose story, the theory and the tools!
  • In practical terms discuss and define personal purpose.
  • Prime your mind to open towards exploring what's deep inside.
  • Explain and provide exercises to uncover your purpose.

PART ONE is my story about going from corporate career in a the coolest IT-company at the time, from the outside having "made it" but feeling empty inside from the meaninglessness of it, to slowly exploring my purpose, slowly building up an exit plan and now living in the light of my purpose. 

PART TWO will introduce the relevant concepts, the terminology and explain how it all relates to each other.

This part aims at giving you a little context to the exercises in Part 3 and to anchor your own purpose in deeper understanding to better discuss and reflect on personal purpose in every day life.

PART THREE of this book requires you to roll up your sleeves and do some work. It’s also the part that will give you enormous value, some say an epiphany, if you do it properly. At the end of this you'll have a sense of your personal purpose, maybe even well articulated, and a clear process for how to continue evolving your understanding of your purpose.

Purpose bookpurpose book

I had a fast career in international corporate IT. From the outside it looked as if I was on top the of world, 30 and a bit years old, leading a sales team of 65 people in the coolest IT company at the time.

However, on the inside my heart was crying and as kept pushing myself to fulfil other people's expectations I hit the the infamous wall shortly after my daughter was born.

That's almost 15 years ago now and it was the start of my journey towards living life on my own terms.

Since then I've co-founded and sold a company, I've done more international corporate IT work, and for the last 5 years I've worked as a leadership consultant and executive coach helping primarily large international companies.

I'm now bringing my experience to you.It's an amazing feeling to work with something that's deeply meaningful to me - helping others live their full potential.