I support leaders and teams to better navigate complexity and maximise  impact.

It's a process of transforming from the inside-out and it often starts with building trust.

Trust in self by embracing all aspects of self and the process of integration.

Trust in the team by putting all the stories on the table and learning to have honest respectful conversations towards a shared vision.

Executive Coaching

I help you see the limitations of your current ways and I get you excited about the potential that lies inside of you waiting to be unleashed in full.

It's about transforming thought patterns and behaviours and I find the Integral Coaching approach the most powerful, especially when combined with the Leadership Circle Profile (or we can do Harthill's Action Logic assessment instead if you prefer).

This work customised for you and to get started we have a conversation to explore what would serve you the most.


€2800 (excl. VAT)
  • 8 sessions, total of 8 hrs.
  • Integral Coaching methodology
  • Leadership Circle Profile assessment*
  • Virtual meetings
  • Support between sessions
*If you prefer Harthill's Action Logic assessment we can do this instead. We'll discuss the package and tailor it to meet your needs.

Schedule a time with me to explore if and how I can support you here.

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Transforming Teams

I do all my work with organisations and teams in partnership with global leadership development consultants Companions For Leadership, partner of Oxford Leadership

We work with CEOs, top management and teams, in environments of unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

We have successfully supported the people and culture side of more than 100 global business turnarounds in Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. Over 900,000 leaders from 90 countries have participated in our programmes, and many rate it as the most life-changing development experience they've experienced.

Schedule a time with me to explore if and how I can support you here.

Self-Managing Leadership®

Over 900 000 leaders have experienced Self-Managing Leadership® by Oxford Leadership to ground themselves in their true self, to gain clarity on their individual purpose, to integrate personal and professional priorities, and to emerge with a 90-day action plan.

Strategic Focusing®

We also work with leadership teams with Oxford Leadership's Strategic Focusing ® to establish a foundation of trust and shared vision, to identify the key strategic imperatives, and to co-create an action plan for the few things that will make the biggest difference for the organisation going forward.

Leading High-Performing Teams

A big part of our work is to align people and culture to strategy and Oxford Leadership's Leading High Performing Teams is uniquely designed to enable leaders to inspire team performance and be able to apply that knowledge to ever-changing business conditions.


Leadership Assessments

Leadership Circle Profile 360

Your impact as a leader is a direct function of how well you engage your stakeholders.

Leadership Circle Profile is a statistically valid tool that that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface to support you to maximise your impact as a leader.

Read more and Leadership Circle Profile.


Harthill's Action Logics

Meaning making is a core human faculty that influences almost everything you do.

Every context you act into is shaped by the meaning you are making in each moment. If you can grow your meaning making capability it can be transformational for your work and wider life.

Leading in complex roles and settings makes meaning-making more difficult, yet also more important.

Thus, many leaders find the LDF approach has a lasting transformative impact.

Read more about Harthill's Action Logics here.

Schedule a time with me to explore if and how I can support you here.

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