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Transforming Leaders for Good

oxford leadership I partnered with Oxford Leadership in 2015 and do most of my work with organisations together with the Oxford Leadership collective.

We have worked with many well-known international brand over the last 20 years. Our clients tell us that what makes Oxford Leadership stand out is that the members of our collective have the rare combination of brilliant mind and a big heart.

We use this to facilitate transformational change in large organisations on the theme of ‘Purpose Beyond Profit’. 

We do bespoke interventions, executive and team coaching, and support leadership development with programmatic development journeys.

Self-Managing Leadership®

Over 900 000 leaders have been on our Self-Managing Leadership ® to ground themselves in their true self, to gain clarity on their individual purpose, to integrate personal and professional priorities, and to emerge with a 90-day action plan.

Strategic Focusing®

We also work with leadership teams in a Strategic Focusing ® workshop to establish a foundation of trust and shared vision, to identify the key strategic imperatives, and to co-create an action plan for the few things that will make the biggest difference for the organisation going forward.

Leading High-Performing Teams

A big part of our work is to align people and culture to strategy and our Leading High Performing Teams is uniquely designed to enable leaders to inspire team performance and be able to apply that knowledge to ever-changing business conditions.

To learn more about Oxford Leadership, our services and dates for our open programmes please contact me here.  

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