Join me to set out on the most amazing journey you'll ever experience - your inner journey to become all of who you are.

Get unstuck, embrace here and now, uncover your unique gift, and develop the power to live a life of fulfilment and joy.

Drawing on experience working with leaders, my Zen Buddhist practice, and a life of exploring the essence of the human experience I invite you to join the community and my online live course.

Live virtual program

The Upgraded Life

Presence | Purpose | Power

This live virtual programme is for you if you want to step up and take charge of your life.

6 sessions á 2 hours over 3 weeks.

12 hours for you to transform your life and create a network of people to support each other as you all step in to a new chapter of your life.

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Three books to help you make sense of your life and leadership


101 Questions with the power to change your life

Your inner journey typically begins with the big questions. This book invites you to this journey as it aspires to trigger those questions that you're too busy asking yourself in the busyness of life.

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Purpose - Workbook to explore and share your unique gift with the world

This 60+ page full color e-book contains all you need to uncover your purpose, articulate your meaningful ideal and share your unique gift with the world - my purpose story, the theory and the tools!

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Values - Live with with authenticity and integrity

This 30+ page full color e-book contains all you need to explore, identify and articulate your core values – both the theory and the tools - to give you "handrails" through the journey called life.

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