The secret to finding your passion

You’ve seen it many times in social media‚Ķ. A serene background, like a beach, a sunset or a perfect looking human reaching their hands towards the sky and an overlay text: “Follow your passion!” I’ve had enough of that so I decided to take deeper look into what it actually means and how it can be done. My discovery on the …

In Flames Alias

In Flames – Alias

It’s amazing how music can completely turn around any mood. This is one of my goto songs to recharge my batteries, fire me up and get on with it. Strong melody and epic guitar riffs packaged in power by Gothenburg band In Flames. Enjoy!

Reinventing organizations

Reinventing Organizations

The last 40 yrs of research into the psychology of motivation clearly shows that the prevailing model of organisations is devastating for employee engagement. Daniel Pink summarises it in his book Drive where he states that the three keys to employee engagement is Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy. Laloux’s book Reinventing Organisations but this in an organisational context and this video …

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We’re in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is the amalgamation of the digital, physical and biological systems. At the core of this is that it changes us and how we interact with the world and with that I believe we’ll see a shift towards a new economic model that focuses on maximising human well-being instead of …

social attributes

Are you hiding behind your social attributes?

You are not the title on your business card, the car you drive, the exotic vacations, the clothes you wear. But it’s so common to prop up your identify with social attributes, especially now with social media and people caring more about getting the perfect selfie from the beach vacation than actually enjoying the beach vacation. Who are you without all our …