Long list of values

This page is a resource for my ebook Values – A workbook for clarifying and articulating your personal core values which is about the importance of exploring and articulating your personal values.

It also clarifies the confusion around what values are versus beliefs and attitudes and use examples to illustrate the different concepts.

Most importantly for you my ebook includes a simple but very effective method for exploring and articulating your core values.

If you wonder what the value of that is it's because you haven't read my book, yet.

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If you're not comfortable enough with English to associate meaning to these words use Google Translate or similar.

This list is rather long so if you feel overwhelmed you may want to start with this shorter list of values.
If you're missing something you can come back here to the long list.

Ability Excellence Pleasure
Abundance Excitement Plentiful-ness
Acceptance Exhilaration Poise
Accomplishment Expectancy Popularity
Achievement Expediency Potency
Acknowledgement Experience Practicality
Adaptability Expertise Pragmatism
Adequacy Exploration Precision
Adventure Expressiveness Preeminence
Affection Extravagance Preparedness
Affluence Extroversion Presence
Alertness Exuberance Privacy
Aliveness Facilitating Proactivity
Ambition Fairness Professionalism
Amusement Faith Proficiency
Anticipation Fame Prosperity
Appreciation Family Prudence
Approachability Fascination Punctuality
Artfulness Fearlessness Purity
Articulacy Fidelity Qualification
Assertiveness Fineness Quality
Assurance Finesse Quietness
Attentiveness Firmness Readiness
Attractiveness Fitness Realism
Audacity Flexibility Reason
Authenticity Flow Recognition
Availability Fluency Recreation
Awareness Fluidity Refinement
Balance Focus Reflection
Beauty Fortitude Relaxation
Belongingness Frankness Reliability
Benevolence Freedom Resilience
Blissfulness Friendliness Resolution
Boldness Friendship Resolve
Bravery Frugality Resourcefulness
Brilliance Fun Respect for others
Briskness Gallantry Responsibility
Buoyancy Generosity Restfulness
Calmness Gentility Restraint
Camaraderie Genuineness Reverence
Candor Giving Richness
Capability Grace Rigor
Care for others Gratefulness Sacredness
Carefulness Gratitude Sacrifice
Certainty Gregariousness Sagacity
Challenge Growth Saintliness
Charity Guidance Sanguinity
Charm Happiness Satisfaction
Chastity Harmony Security
Cheerfulness Health Security
Clarity Heart Self Respect
Classy Helpfulness Self-control
Cleanliness Heroism Self-realization
Cleverness Holiness Self-reliance
Closeness Honesty Selflessness
Cognizance Honor Sensitivity
Comfort Hopefulness Sensuality
Commitment Hospitality Serenity
Compassion Humility Service to others
Competence Humor Sexuality
Complacency Hygiene Sharing
Completion Imagination Shrewdness
Composure Impact Significance
Concentration Impartiality Silence
Confidence Impeccability Silliness
Conformity Independence Simplicity
Congruency Industry Sincerity
Connection Ingenuity Skillfulness
Consciousness Innovation Smartness
Consistency Inquisitiveness Solidarity
Contention Insightfulness Solidity
Contentment Inspiration Solitude
Continuity Instinctiveness Sophistication
Contribution Integrity Soundness
Control Intelligence Speed
Conviction Intensity Spirit
Conviviality Intimacy Spirituality
Coolness Intrepidness Spontaneity
Cooperation Introversion Stability
Cordiality Intuition Stillness
Correctness Intuitiveness Strength
Courage Inventiveness Structure
Courtesy Joy Substantiality
Craftiness Judiciousness Success
Creativity Justice Sufficiency
Credibility Keenness Superbness
Cunning Kindness Support
Curiosity Knowledge Supremacy
Daring Knowledgeableness Surprise
Decisiveness Lavishness Sympathy
Deepness Leadership Synergy
Deference Learning Tactfulness
Delicacy Liberation Teamwork
Delight Liberty Temperance
Dependability Liveliness Thankfulness
Depth Logic Thoroughness
Desire Longevity Thoughtfulness
Determination Love Thrift
Devotion Loyalty Tidiness
Dexterity Mastery Timeliness
Dignity Maturity Traditionalism
Diligence Mellowness Tranquility
Diplomacy Meticulousness Transcendence
Direction Mindfulness Trust
Directness Moderation Trustworthiness
Discernment Modesty Truth
Discipline Motivation Understanding
Discovery Mysteriousness Uniqueness
Discretion Neatness Unity
Diversity Nerve Usefulness
Dreaming Obedience Utility
Drive Open-mindedness Valor
Duty Openness Variety
Dynamism Optimism Victory
Eagerness Opulence Vigor
Economy Order Virtue
Ecstasy Organization Vision
Education Originality Vitality
Effectiveness Outlandishness Vivacity
Efficiency Outrageousness Warmth
Elation Passion Watchfulness
Elegance Peace Wealth
Empathy Peacefulness Well-being
Encouragement Perceptiveness Wholesomeness
Endurance Perfection Willfulness
Energy Perseverance Willingness
Enjoyment Persistence Winning
Entertainment Persuasiveness Wisdom
Enthusiasm Philanthropy Wittiness
Equality Piety Wonder
Evolution Playfulness Worthiness
Exactness Pleasantness Zeal

Too much to handle? You may want to start with this shorter list of values and if you're missing something you can come back here to the longer list.